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The STRIVE program at Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Indiana Corridor is a year-long learning program designed to use the innate passions of children to empower them to learn outside of the classroom during their time at club each day. 


Each month, the clubs focus on a theme to guide the Math and Literacy work covered on a weekly basis, all while working towards a monthly capstone project. 


The Boys and Girls Clubs have fantastic community partners in Robinson Learning Center and Riverbend Community Math Center who assist the STRIVE program coordinators in designing the comprehensive learning programs for Boys and Girls Club children.

1 Day a Week: Project Focus

  • Connect: Connect the lesson to students. Provide an overview of what will be taught. Review what was previously taught.

  • Read Aloud: Adult reads a story to children relating to the theme. Students hear fluent reading and questions are asked during reading to engage students. 

  • Book Activity: Hands-on activity for students to create relating to read aloud and monthly themes. 

  • Group Building: Game based on monthly themes. This gets students up and moving, encourages team building, and ties into read aloud.

  • Wrap up: Wrap up what was taught. Ask students to share with a group or partner what they learned, what they liked about the lesson, and what they disliked.

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