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The Future Lab is a dynamic and interdisciplinary space, fostering innovation and collaboration across various fields and giving kids real access to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a diverse range of career pathways, including engineering, computer science, precision machining, welding technology, healthcare and entrepreneurship.

Beyond academic training, the lab combines technical education with entrepreneurship, guiding students in transforming ideas into marketable products. The engineering space in particular features the country's only high school Markforged metal 3D printer. This allows students hands-on experience and has drawn employer interest for work-based learning placements.

The Future Lab is located at 306 W. Marion St. in South Bend inside our newly opened Teen Center, The Club, in partnership with The Portage School of Leaders, but will be open to all Club kids served in the region. K-12 members from 30 Club sites across all the school districts we serve will take field trips to the Lab to participate in hands-on programming. By integrating Club kids, the lab promotes inclusivity, community outreach, and shared learning experiences. The Future Lab is not just shaping minds; it's equipping students to tackle real-world challenges and fostering meaningful industry connections.

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