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BGCSJC court is now in session!

5 weeks of Judicial training....

BGCSJC court is now in session!

July 19, 2023

Our Club kids at Southeast Neighborhood Center wrapped up a 5 week long program hosted by one of our Board Members, Judge Damon R. Leichty and his wonderful team. At the end of the program they celebrated with a field trip to the Federal Courthouse Building.

The 5 week program leading up to the field trip prepared our Club kids to present a mock trial of the case “The State of Fairytale Land v. Miss GoldiLocks.” The kids all had a very important role to play. From the jury, to the defense attorney, prosecutor, the bailiff, judges, defendants, and witnesses, everyone participated one way or another.

The visit to the courthouse included Q & A with a U.S. Marshall, a defense attorney and prosecutor, and a behind the scenes tour of Judge Leichty's chambers and even the jury deliberation room!

We are so grateful for Judge Leichty and his incredible team for this opportunity and for giving so much of their time to teach and engage with our kids! They definitely inspired our kids and I think we have some future lawyers, judges, and court staff!

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